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Dark Souls III Update V1 03 1-CODEX




TJ-: with the native unity tweak tool, or unity-tweak-tool, do you mean? the small little thingy on the right hand side cristian_c: no, it is a custom Unity config I see TJ-: I'm trying to reproduce , but I don't see a way to disable the 'emacs' style keyboard , maybe I can try to deactivate the plugin in compiz evar tomreyn:? as said before , the ctrl key has lost the right arrow, and shift + arrow , and both work for the full screen, but if I press super key, I get the 'emacs' style keyboard , with 'emacs' style keyboard, I mean the ctrl key duplicated, and the right arrow key has the side , and I can't enter any characters, the whole keyboard is unusable , so, I'm trying to find a way to deactivate the emacs style keyboard I've found out that I can't deactivate the plugin that i has been installed , and I can't deactivate it in the compiz control center , but I can try to deactivate it in the unity tweak tool It's a little buggy, but it allows me to deactivate the 'emacs' style keyboard , without having any side effects (The 'emacs' style keyboard doesn't allow me to press control key or right arrow key) TJ-: This video tutorial helped me cristian_c: I see it; did you delete the gconf




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Dark Souls III Update V1 03 1-CODEX

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